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Furnace RepairIs your heating bill getting higher every year? It may not be due to the price of fuel or gas . It may be a furnace that isn’t operating efficiently. There are some obvious signs to look and listen for, while some are very subtle.

Keeping the filter changed will go a long way to getting the most from your furnace. Over time ducts get dust in them. When dust gets into the return vents, it also gets into the fins of the indoor supply fan. A yearly service will help prevent this from happening.

If your home in American Fork has a crawlspace, check it from time to time. If it’s nice and toasty under there, it’s likely that the duct work is loose. Your furnace is trying to heat the crawlspace, wasting money. Check the attic if you have duct work up there. Animals get into these places from time to time and cause these problems.

Furnace Repair In American Fork, Utah

Is your furnace making a lot of noise when it starts up? It could be a sign of real trouble. When the heat exchanger gets old, it begins to rust. That rust will often fall on the burners, making it difficult to ignite. The noise you’re hearing is a heat exchanger filling up with gas before it ignites. This is a dangerous condition. It needs to be checked right away. It may be time to replace it.

With a twice a year inspection from your heating and air company, your furnace will keep you warm for years. Have a cozy winter!

If your furnace is not working at all, it’s definitely time to give us a call so we can take a look at it. Sometimes it just needs some cleaning, while other times it may need more. It all just depends on the situation at hand. We pledge to you: Honest, Affordable and Fast Service.

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