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American Fork HeatingHeating and cooling are two of the most important aspects of your American Fork home. When they work properly, they are almost unnoticed; but, the moment one of them malfunctions, life can become very uncomfortable. What can a qualified heating and air conditioning company do for you to mitigate these potential problems, and fix them when they arise? Some of the common repairs and services we have experience in and offer are:

Heating – We provide all types of heating services for residential and commercial clients in the area. From regular maintenance to repairs. If your heater breaks, it can make for an uncomfortable Utah fall and winter, and can even be dangerous for those who live in your home. American Fork Heating and Air Conditioning can come out and repair your heater, so you and your family can live in comfort and stay warm throughout the winter!

Installations – We offer some of the newest and most energy efficient heating and A/C units on the market today. Having a better, more efficient heater helps lower your home or office’s bill each month. However, having the best air conditioning unit or heater on the planet isn’t going to help you if it isn’t properly installed. Our professionals are trained in proper installation, so your units will work properly, as well.

Furnace Repair & Tune-Ups – If you have a furnace, it is very important to keep it properly maintained and to repair any issues quickly to keep you and those who live in your home safe, as well as warm. Furnace installation and repair are common services we provide. We can quickly, honestly and affordably fix your furnace system.

Air Conditioning – Air conditioning is essential in most areas, particularly during the hot summer months in American Fork and the surrounding cities. Inadequate or malfunctioning air conditioning units not only make life uncomfortable, but can contribute to dangerous situations like heat stroke. We work to provide the units, install them, and repair them when necessary at any time during the life of your unit.

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    We specialize in honest, affordable and accurate heating and air conditioning services in American Fork, UT and the surrounding cities.

    Whether your furnace needs a repair, your A/C unit needs attention or you are just looking for regular maintenance, we can take care of all of your HVAC needs.

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